The IDC is a huge problem for New York State!

Democrats outnumber Republicans in NY State by two to one. But in the State Senate, the eight-member "Independent Democratic Conference" turns its back on the Democratic leadership and gives Republicans a lopsided control.

Imagine if Democrats were to win a majority in the US House of Representatives in 2018, and then a few of them struck a deal with Paul Ryan to keep him on as Speaker and his henchmen in control of all the committees and legislation, in return for extra earmarks for their districts, extra staff, and bonuses. This is what the IDC has been doing at the state level for years. They justify it by saying they are bringing in extra government support to their district, but they are really undermining the democratic process.

Here in the 53rd Senate District, Dave Valesky is a proud member of the IDC. It is time for voters to let him know that his betrayal of the party that elected him is unacceptable.